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Atheist, theist and scientologist should try to answer this

To whom worshiping science pls answer these questions:
Can science define what is smaller then a quark?
Can science describe what is outside the farrest limit of the unniverse? Explain… Where is the dark energy comes from. The energy that enlarges this unniverse! What is the universe goes into?

Your eyes don’t sense what u hear, and your ear can’t feel what u touch, and your skin cant tell difference between bitter and sweet.. Now do you expect to see the creator of the unniverse?
When u think you and ur friend are the smartest guy on earth.. Do you know that the god believers see you as a bunch of peolple with shallow mind, the thought that binded in a square outlined by a limit called science.. ?
Wake up.. The science you know and the tech you’ve been proud of is not even a water dropp of the Creator of you!
Free your mind.. Find Islam in order to get to the best thing that Allah can give to you… Th joy of dunia and the happiness of akhirah.. Yes my friend.. Dunia and akhirah.. Are both you and your science cant yet define… 🙂

Fyi : Science is in Islam. Science is a part of the law of God, it’s His knowledge that we can learn to define. We Call it Qadar.. part of destiny we are walking trhough. We learn it in order to manage, modify and direct the energy.. but you cant even destroy it. Science is not only yours, it’s a gift to man kind.

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